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Maret 2, 2006

Pesan Berantai

Filed under: Tidak Jelas Juntrungannya — Tausiyah 275 @ 6:01 am

*hwaayyyaaahh…jaman gini masih ada yg seperti begini??*

im_unknown_stranger (03/01/2006 6:35:54 PM): ATTENTION! Sorry to those none Muslim if u feel offense. You all heard what that magazine in Denmark has published. It’s making fun of our beloved PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SAW) by drawing pictures of him and describing him as a terrorist. Moreover they refused to apologize because they considered it a practice of freedom and democracy. I ask you all to put your hands with other MUSLIMS and boycott the Denmark’s products. 1.6 billion Muslims could really slap the economy in Denmark. Please copy this text and forward this text to as many Muslims as possible Via Email via SMS Via Scrap..I ask all of u, Muslims..Cant u spare one hour in order to spread this message among Muslims …ASAP? REMEMBER THE PROPHET (SAW) MIGHT ASK YOU ONE DAY WHAT DID YOU DO WH


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